Projects: Conemen


This is an ongoing series of images.  

When I was a child we had a print of Hieronymus Bosch's 'The Conjurer' above the mantlepiece. It was such a curious and strange image to me at that age. It left a deep impression, in many ways because it was so hard to fathom the meaning of what was being played out in the painting. 

Now, as an adult, for me this painting has lost none of its intensity and mystery, a welcome vision in a world that to me seems a little too ready to abandon the enigmatic. 

So this appreciation of things unknowable has formed the basis of the Conemen. As with the Bosch painting, with this series I intended to create a sense of mystery, moments charged with human drama, yet with an ambiguity that allows each viewer to interpret their own version of events. 

Prints available direct or via Saatvchiart.